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Start your day with crunchy snacks and make your day excellent. Enjoy snacks with your family with love and happiness and make a perfect bond with your family. Enjoy crunchy, testy, spicy Snacks from our Refresh Mukhwas And Namkeen shop

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About Us

Welcome to Refresh Mukhwas And Namkeen's. It is a very good shop from all over Nagpur. You have a desire to eat something spicy, pungent, sweet, or crunchy.

In Refresh Mukhawas & Namkeen shop, We sell very good quality products at very low prices. So start your day by eating Spicy, crunchy, Tasty Foods from Refresh Mukhwas & Namkeen.

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Refresh Mukhwas & Namkeen it is the best shop in Nagpur. We sell a lot of good products and provide very best quality of product. We have all types of ptoducts dilicious, testy, spice crunchy, we cell at very lowest cost. so buy your products and enjoy your day with our products.

Quality namkin

Our Menu

all time favourite snacks
Regular-Mix Chiwda

This is a crunchy, tasty, regular mix chivda. Morning is incomplete without it.

Rs. 130
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Anar Goli

This is an Anar Goli. If he ever gets indigestion, that is enough to cure him. Anar Goli is sweet. We provide an excellent quality range of Red anar goli.

Rs. 100
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Fruits Jelly

This is fruit jelly which is very tasty and delicious. It is made from the mixture of all the fruits. And it is very healthy too. if you want by now

Rs. 100
healthy snacks
Fruits Goli

This is a fruit goli. Which is very tasty and delicious. These evenings are like fruit jelly, so they are very good. It is made by mixing all the fruits

Rs. 100
tasty snacks for weight loss
Namkeen Gathiya

It is crunchy and salty. This timepass is very good for clay. We can eat it anytime during the day. it is very healthy.

Rs. 130
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Mini Bhakarwadi

This is Bhakarwadi. This is very tasty and crunchy. Morning is incomplete without it. , This is good for health. Bhakarwadi is a traditional sweet and spicy tea-time snack

Rs. 100
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Banana Chips

These are yellow banana chips. Which is salty and delicious. It comes in various colours. 100% vegetarian product from India.

Rs. 200
snacks for fasting day
Singada Sev

This is singara sev. Its crispy and spicy. This is healthy.

Rs. 130
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Jeera Goli

Jeera goli is a very tasty and healthy for health. It is very good gor digestive system.

Rs. 100
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